Entry #1

New to Newgrounds XP

2009-06-30 17:57:14 by o-eternal-o

I've been visitng Newgrounds for a while now, as i love to watch various flash animations on here.

I didn't however realise that you could submit artwork here. Now i know this, here am :P

I love digital art, and strive to get better and better :) I honestly look forward to the future, so i can look back and see how far i've come ^-^


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2009-07-05 17:02:58

Dragons are amazing. Can't wait to see more.

o-eternal-o responds:

Thank you ever so much :) More will be coming. I've just got to find time to upload them :D


2009-07-05 22:21:55

I have seen all your work and all I can say is that you blow my mind.

o-eternal-o responds:

Aww, thank you so very much :D ^-^


2009-07-08 20:35:27

You make some awesomely sick dragons. I wish i could draw like that. 10/10 for all of your dragon artwork.


2009-07-10 13:22:49

Nice Arts


2009-08-06 17:36:21

great art work thanks for submitting it.


2009-08-08 04:15:33

Your a Art Master 8D And your art is like so ...... EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC Nice 8D


2009-08-09 17:45:26

dude your pretty much the jesus of dragon pics....


2009-09-03 09:19:18

Like everyone else said, your dragon artwork kicks ass!


2009-09-08 17:14:31

yur new to newgrounds!?!?!!?! that's hard to believe,cuz i just saw some of yur art and rated a 5!you rock!!!!!


2009-10-30 19:25:31

woo your awsome man DRAGONS !!!!!!!!


2009-12-16 20:48:05

What do you do your art with? They're amazing.

o-eternal-o responds:

I use Photoshop :) And thank you very much ^-^


2010-01-25 20:40:27

You are a very cool artist. I like many of pieces and like to see what you can do outside of the magical realm. By the way have you considered working for a company that would want that kind of art. Possibly gaming field. Just something to think about.


2010-12-14 07:16:51

your art is awesome!


2011-02-13 22:00:30

Your work is so great... but Its a shame that you're probably gone now.

o-eternal-o responds:

Nah, i'm still here. Just preoccupied with a lot of projects :)